When we talk about business meetings, what comes in our mind? Certain number of people, meeting and discussing over a topic.

Does it make you tired to attend a meeting? Is it just like listening to a person who is coordinating a meeting? or is it like all the people talking at the same time?

Well, here are several points one should keep in mind when coordinating a meeting:

  1. Meetings should be a productive use of time. There should always be agenda points as well as some outcome of the meeting.
  2. Meetings should have proper Meeting Agenda. People should be informed about the meeting prior to the meeting along with meeting agenda so they can come prepare for it.
  3. There should always be one person conducting the meeting who takes the lead. This avoids confusion and let the meeting go in a proper direction.
  4. Meetings should be time-boxed. Meetings should always end in certain duration of time. This helps us maintain our schedules as well as never make a person feel tired of meetings.
  5. There should always be an Outcome of the meeting. This can be like follow ups, to do list etc for each team member.

How to prepare Meeting Agendas?

  1. Ask your team mates to provide you their agenda items if they have anything to be discussed. This gives each team member a chance to express their point of view and help the coordinator of the meeting to manage it well.
  2. Once you have all the points, sequence them and assign timings to each agenda items.
  3. Have question/answer round at the end of the meeting.
  4. Have team mates schedule next follow up meeting.

Hope these points help our meeting coordinators to conduct effective meetings.

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